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Sentry is one of the top commercial and residential fire alarm systems supply and installation companies in NY.

When it comes to the most reliable commercial and residential fire protection, suppression and alarm systems supply and installation, Sentry Security and Communications is the preferred company of choice by thousands of customers across Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and The Bronx, NY. Sentry is NYC Approved by "Building Department and Fire for Expediting of Plans." They can also provide proper applications regarding the removal of commercial and residential fire alarm associated violations. All commercial and residential properties should have adequate fire prevention, detection, and suppression systems in place to protect you, your property and occupants against a potential fire. The selection of which commercial or residential fire alarm system to purchase is critical to ensure the premises is adequately protected at all times with reliable warnings. Commercial and residential fire alarm systems that Sentry installs detect smoldering, and are sensitive to small particles in the air produced by fires. These commercial and residential fire alarm products can prevent smoke from turning into an inferno.

Sentry can assist you with all commercial and residential fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, installation and maintenance services. When Sentry installs a commercial and residential fire alarm system, every state and local regulation, insurance requirement, NFPA regulation and inspection code is met. In the case of a detected fire, an alarm will sound and a Central Station Monitoring Center is immediately informed to alert proper safety authorities.

Sentry supplies and installs a variety of smoke alarm fire detector systems for residential, industrial, retail and office environments. Conventional, analogue addressable smoke detector systems and wire free radio fire alarms equipped with all types of bells and sounders, call points, strobes, door retainers and evacuation warning systems are all available. We can also arrange for a free assessment of your current fire alarm system and verify its performance. Sentry is a NYC approved company for commercial and residential smoke detector maintenance and inspections for all types of fire prevention, suppression and fire alarm systems.

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Sentry is an authorized partner of Crestron, providing the most flexible operating systems.